Patti's Soap

Patti's Soap

Pure and Essential.  Quite possibly the best cleansing bar and body butter you will ever use!


I was first introduced to Patti's Soaps and Body Butter when I opened my first brick-and-mortar shop back in 2010. What a find! I have always been a disciple of skin care from early on - particularly the use of body lotions and body butter. Having spent almost 40 years as a flight attendant, trust me when I say, I know dry skin!! My quest for the best moisturizer has been far and wide. 


There are products galore on the market today, lots of hand-crafted small batch items. That's what I like about Patti's Soaps and Body Butter products, they are made lovingly, carefully, and in small batches.  The ingredients are pure and essential.  People have been using these essential oils for literally thousands of years, and there is a very good reason for that.  Let's look at the ingredients:


Olive Oil - pressed from the pit of the olive. Antioxidant and extremely moisturizing since ancient times-think Cleopatra.

Coconut Oil - the wonder food also great for hair and skin, made from the meat of the coconut.

Palm Oil - derived from the pulp of the FRUIT of the palm tree, great cleansing properties. 

Avocado Oil - pressed form the pit of the avocado and great skin moisturizer. 

Almond Oil - pressed from the almond, antioxidant properties.

Apricot Oil - pressed from the pit of the apricot-lots of medicinal properties here-once thought to be a potential cure for cancer. That’s not the case, but it’s great for the skin.

Wheat Germ Oil - one of three components that make up a kernel of wheat, this oil is easily absorbed by the skin.

Jojoba Oil - native to North America, the oil is derived from the mature seed of the jojoba shrub, antibacterial properties as well as intense moisturizing properties.  

Vitamin E - derived from several sources, all plant based.

The above oils are all vegetable plant based and have been around forever.  Each has its own unique qualities and can be eaten or absorbed through the skin for healing and/or conditioning properties. 

Myrrh Gum - The Three Wise Men knew what they were doing.  This has been looooong known for its medicinal and healing properties as well as aroma therapy.

Calendula Flowers - A cheerful ornamental plant. Dried and used in teas, infused with oils, and used in lotions and creams.  It is edible and was known as “the poor man’s saffron” in times past.

Essential Oils - plant based oils used for the aroma characteristics of the product. And we can't tell you exactly which ones or that would be giving away our secrets.


The cleansing bar is so luxuriously rich. The lather it makes feels like silk against the skin.  It's a spa treatment right in your own home.  After stepping out of the bath, while your skin is still slightly damp, apply the body butter enriched with Shea butter to keep your skin moist all day. 


Patti's Soaps and Body Butter are available exclusively at Bobbi's at Parkside!

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