Wildlife Series Jewelry Collection

To keep my business from just becoming a repetitive motion of buy-sell, buy-sell, I keep myself engaged by exploring and seeking out new ways of doing something meaningful; mixing it up, do something inspiring, do something to inspire others.  Inspiration comes in many forms and I am on the lookout for it where ever I go. 

Owner of Bobbi's at Parkside Women's Boutique laughing with friend

At a recent trade show, I came across an artist that designs and makes her craft in NYC.  I suppose I was drawn to her artistry because she had a section that was all things wild; animals, butterflies and bees, and sea life. All really lovely animals, butterflies and bees, and sea life. She had some of her pieces paired with faux pearls and that gave me an idea. How about, we choose our pieces, have them made so they can easily be added as pendants to necklaces, choose our finishes, and then we get pieces to match, and then…………..  So we did. Out of that idea, we created our Wildlife Series collection of jewelry.

Wildlife Series jewelry collection elephant bracelet cuff

The next step was to determine how to best sell this collection of jewelry. It HAD to be used in some way to help our animal friends.  Nothing new there, we fundraise for our doggies and kitties all the time. So how about reaching out to someone different? How about Women of the Wild? An organization right here in Brevard County. Here is their mission statement:

“Women of the Wild is a diverse group of exceptional women who, through their relationships and networking, are raising awareness and garnering support for critical conservation initiatives affecting our community, our region, and the world.”

Wildlife Series elephant eye

What could be better than that? Women helping  women, because it pairs so beautifully with our mission statement:

“Bobbi’s at Parkside is more than just a boutique. We are a group of women empowering other women through fashion in their everyday lives. We work to enrich our local economy while championing and supporting other women and causes that we believe in.”

Women empowering women and causes they believe in. Woman wearing beetle earrings

 On September 1 we will debut our Wild Life Series collection of jewelry. A full 30% of every sale will be donated to the WOW organization. Every piece of jewelry purchased will receive a free pearl bracelet with an elephant charm. Additional bracelets are available for a donation of $10 each.  All proceeds from the bracelets will be donated to WOW.  The collection is also available online HERE. Follow the link for more information about the WOW organization HERE

Pearl bracelet with elephant charm to benefit Women of the Wild conservation advocates