Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle


When we opened our first brick-and-mortar location, I decided then that I would not ever be the person making the jewelry. I would have a hand in the designs of the items made specifically for us, but no, making it would not be me.  I wear too many hats as it is, from buying to merchandising, day-to-day operations, answering e-mails, fundraising, participating in the community, and the paperwork. It is endless. 


 working on laptops



Fast forward 10 years.  Are we coming full circle?  Maybe.  I work with some super creative women, one of whom is an accomplished artist and craft-er of jewelry. I am assigning her partial blame!  The rest of it falls right in line with my last blog about JUST AS SOON AS...........


Time waits for no one.  None of us know what the future holds.  I'm not waiting to find out.  I'm taking the bull by the horns and doing the things I've always wanted to do.  So we set up a table in the back room of the shop and when I have a moment, I tinker around with a piece of leather, a bead here, a bead there, maybe a bead or element from an old piece of jewelry waiting for a new life. It's incredibly rewarding and soul nurturing. A great distraction from the daily overload of biz activities!


 close up of jewelry making


I have encouraged my girls to do the same. Take a little break from the grind and get a little creative. Something magical happens when you see an idea come to fruition-it's very uplifting.  We all have had a hand in our new collection of jewelry that we will be putting out February 1-just in time for Valentine's Day, and yes you will see lots of hearts.  Some really cool pieces with some hearts that were up-cycled from some vintage jewelry. 


 Bobbi showing a finished necklace


This little adventure would not have been possible without the expert guidance of our very own Melody Wilson.  “Metal Mel” as she is called, has been making fabulous jewelry for Bobbi's at Parkside for years.  She is a gem and we love her to the moon and back! Thank you, Melody, for all you do for us!!


Owner and Employee working together


I will leave you with this thought, don't say you'll do something JUST AS SOON AS...... Do it NOW!  Follow your dreams!!!


Sep 10, 2020

My sweet Bobbi…what a beautifully written and insightful commentary. Your advice to find something to do, just to lighten hearts, even if whimsical. Taking a little step (or even leap!) to step outside of our boxes, reach out to build new relationships, try new or old hobbies or read a new book. The resultant rewards could be endless: Improve self-worth, increase positivity, strengthen and lighten the heart in this often scary world. You truly care and it shows! Because of your wisdom and insight, as soon as I go back to Sioux Falls, I’m going to look for a porcelain doll maker and resume my lessons. It was great therapy, peaceful and provided an endearing sense of accomplishment.
You are a remarkable woman, mentor, and leader. Please know I’m completely blessed to know you, not to mention the cousin thing! You’re one of my heroes, to be sure!
Mary Lisa

Mary Lisa Borgstadt

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