Quite Possibly My Favorite Fit Ever.  The Gia Glider.

Quite Possibly My Favorite Fit Ever. The Gia Glider.

The Gia Glider style by Liverpool just may be my favorite style ever. What makes them so special?  They are a pull-on pant for one.

I know, I know, never would I have ever suspected I would be a fan, but Liverpool has perfected this fit, and it is a patented style. No bulky zipper, no pockets sticking out. The waistband is an encased elastic band for a super comfortable fit and they slim your hips. They are cotton blends with elastane for just the right amount of give.

Gone are the days of squeezing my body into tight fitting jeans that billow my waist out over the top. Do not get me wrong, I love a good boyfriend jean with a real zipper as well, but that is a blog for another day!!    


The Gia Glider comes in a plethora of silhouettes-crop, skinny, wide-leg, flair, Bermuda shorts, and a luxe Ponte knit available in the fall.


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