All About Elan

My next-door neighbor suggested I attend the Surf Expo in Orlando.
Just for the fun of it. We did. And it was fun.While my husband ogled
the scantily clad girls in bikinis (just kidding honey), I perused the
aisles and ogled the fabulous clothing. It was the beginning of our
transformation from a boutique offering just jewelry to the clothing
and jewelry boutique that we are today. 

The Elan “booth” was unmistakable and hard to miss. It immediately
appealed to me and my sense of fashion. If I was to add clothing to
my boutique, this was the one it would be. I was with my husband
and he could not have agreed more. We placed our first order about
four years ago and never looked back.
Many subsequent visits to Surf, Swim, and NY, we are a fan of Elan
and have a following of the same.


Drawing on the company’s own description, I love the phrase,
“balance between comfort and boldness”. 
That would definitely be
one of the aspects that attracted me, and many others, to the brand.
I have never shielded away from being noticed in a crowd.
I rather enjoy it. The Elan brand is more of a lifestyle clothing
than an age revolving line of apparel. My niece wears it, I wear it,
my mom has a few pieces. It’s all about being comfortable in your
own skin and being able to project that in your
style and choice of clothing. Elan apparel fits that to a T!
We love it!