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Why I dig DENIM

Why I dig DENIM

It all started with a lady asking a tailor to make a really durable
pair of pants for her husband to chop wood.
As with most inventions,
necessity being the first spark of an idea,
denim made its debut onto the world's stage as a
garment for the working man. But the trend didn’t stop there.
Levi Strauss Denim Ad
The design caught on and was picked up by a
guy called Levi Strauss in 1871.
Who, in their lifetime, has not owned a pair of Levi's?
Given the moniker “Jeans”, they started as a necessity and
became a cultural influence throughout history.
Vintage Ad for Levi's Jeans
The American cowboy made denim their choice of work attire
and Hollywood wasted no time popularizing the look in
Western movies starting in the 1930's.
The men in my life wore jeans.
I used to babysit for my aunt, which included
doing a little ironing when the kids were in bed.
I would press my Uncle Otto’s jeans so
they had a nice crisp crease down the front.
Wranglers. Jeans. My uncle wore them, 
my Dad wore them, real cowboys wore them.
Marlon Brando and James Dean gave them
a whole new meaning.
Rebellion, youth, disobedience.
Jeans became the "bad boys" choice and were sometimes
banned from schools, public theaters, even restaurants.
But they survived to be re-invented over and over and over. 



My western jeans gave way to the bell bottoms,
being a child of the 70’s.
  In high school, all the rage was “H.A.S.H. Jeans”.
Anyone remember them?
I loved my H.A.S.H. jeans and the famously embroidered star
on the back pocket. High waisted, wide legs,
and super long so you could wear them
with your fav platforms!
I should have saved a pair or two.



I’ve never lost my love for a good pair of jeans. 
They just keep re-inventing themselves year after year. 
Faded, ripped, wide, skinny, stretch, bling.
Gotta love em. 
It will come as no surprise that I would have a
good supply of denim jeans, shirts,
jackets, and skirts on hand at Bobbi’s at Parkside. 

 We're just keeping up with the trends.


Store Owner Bobbi Whitmore in denim jeans

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